Majors Plastics, Inc

Assembly & Secondary Services

Turnkey solutions and capabilities in providing high-quality, customized manufacturing services for various industries


Majors Plastics provides a full spectrum of assembly and secondary services for our customers. From supplying sub-assembled components for your final assembly lines, to fully-assembled items in ready-for-retail packaging. Our assembly, decorating and packaging lines are fully customizable to your product requirements and engineering needs. Our secondary operations include full heat staking, thermoplastic heat swaging, heat insertion, pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, laser etching, assembly and full complement of manufacturing capabilities.

Ultrasonic Welding

Majors Plastics customizes our equipment processes and testing procedures to fit your unique product and engineering requirements. Our ultrasonic welder assembly lines utilize equipment from 20 KHZ to 40 KHZ, and we can provide custom fixtures, welding horns, and procedures to fit your every need and requirement.

Our in-house tool room can custom build the unique fixtures required for your products to ensure accurate and long-lasting welds. We provide a variety of equipment, highly-experienced personnel, customized manufacturing processes and testing procedures to ensure high product quality and weld life.

From basic plastic welded components to clear light-pipe, lens welding, and complete assemblies, we can do it all. Majors Plastics provides the manufacturing versatility, experience and quality that your customers deserve in their welded plastic products. Whether our molded parts or yours, we can ultrasonically weld and assemble your sub-assemblies or finished products.

Pad Printing

Using your custom artwork and/or clichés, we provide pad printing services for single or multiple color layouts on flat or irregularly-shaped parts in a variety of colors to meet all your printing needs. Parts manufactured by us, or provided by you, large to small, can carry your logo or required printed text with tight registration on all multicolor printing applications.

We have linear shuttle systems that allow us to place a part into a fixture and advance the part automatically through multi-stations, transferring a separate image and or color at each position. This system excels at printing multi-color images requiring tight registration.

Heat Staking-Inserting

Majors Plastics Thermoplastic multi-head thermal heat staking assembly lines provide a full spectrum of heat staking and heat inserting services. We provide high-quality custom staking and inserting to meet all your demanding product design requirements. Custom fixtures, heads and manufacturing procedures are designed to fit all your product requirements. We provide a variety of staking and inserting equipment sizes and types to match all your engineering needs.

Custom build and testing procedures are shaped to your engineering standards to provide you with a high-quality product. Pull and force testing are available and are customized to fit your product’s engineering requirements.

Hot Stamping

Majors Plastics offers a variety of hot stamping and heat transfer options for your products. Our diversity and experience in plastics decorating allows us to help you with the demanding printing and decorating your quality products deserve.

Additional Secondary Services

Full Decorating Services
Heat Transfer Printing
Laser Etching
Custom Packaging
“Ready for Retail” Packaging