Majors Plastics, Inc

On-site Tool Room

Ensuring quality and timeliness with in-house expertise and detailed record-keeping

Full-Service On-Site Tool Rooms

Majors Plastics provides highly skilled in-house toolmakers and a fully stocked tool room to enable accurate and timely repair and maintenance schedules. With many years of experience managing high-precision, complicated molds, we possess an exceptional understanding of both maintenance and repairs for various hot runner systems.

In addition to our mold preservation programs, when parts require a higher level of handling for quality purposes, our flexible toolroom can quickly collaborate and implement process improvements. We excel in addressing situations such as end-of-arm tooling (EOA), quality fixtures, and production enhancements that can facilitate automation solutions, thereby managing cost-saving initiatives effectively.

Mold Support, Documentation, and Maintenance

Majors Plastics provides ongoing maintenance and service throughout the life cycle of your molds. Our dedicated design team, engineering team, and toolmakers collaborate closely with you to address any engineering changes or issues that may arise. Detailed and accurate mold documentation records are maintained for all our customer’s molds, including scheduled periodic tool inspections, real-time cycle counts, and cleaning schedules. Moreover, we offer experienced equipment maintenance personnel and technicians across all our facilities to ensure continuous equipment uptime, thus ensuring your parts are manufactured and delivered on schedule.

Services Offered

  • Highly Skilled In-House Toolmakers
  • Mold Maintenance and Repair
  • Hot Runner Maintenance and Optimization
  • Tooling Modification and Upgrades
  • Scheduled Periodic Tool Inspections and Cleaning
  • Real-Time Cycle Count Monitoring and Documentation
  • Cavity and Core Repair/Welding
  • Design and Manufacture of Custom Fixtures and End-of-Arm Tooling
  • Complete and Detailed Mold History Files Maintained for all Customer Molds
  • In-House Equipment Maintenance
  • Fixture Design and Manufacturing
  • End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) Design and Manufacturing