Majors Plastics, Inc

Packaging and Shipping

In-house expertise in retail-ready packaging, efficient logistics, and safe delivery to global destinations

Daily Worldwide Shipping

Majors offers custom packaging from bulk packed parts to finished goods and retail packaging ready for your customers’ use. Your standard packaging methods can be incorporated, or our shipping, distribution and engineering team can assist you in developing custom packaging and shipping methods to fit your every need.
We offer worldwide shipping from our large distribution center, using international packaging practices and standards. We ship to Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and China.

On international freight, we can provide the most economical shipping, utilizing Full Container (FCL) or Less Than Container (LCL) methods

We can move our parts in full containers by Intermodal (Rail). Using our containers, we provide 2-day rail shipments to both East and West coasts versus the more expensive cost of over-the-road (OTR) services.We work with national logistical firms to provide freight transit for over-the-road shipments within the USA, Canada and Mexico. You may stage your trailers at our distribution center and we can live load your products. Major’s services offer full 53′ trucks, moving loads from our plants and distribution center in Omaha, Nebraska to Mexico in 24 hours using team drivers.
Our business locations in Omaha, Nebraska, are centrally located within the United States. Our production facilities and distribution center are located within a few city blocks from each other and the I-80 & I-680 interchange in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is a center for rail transportation.

Custom Packaging and "Ready for Retail" Packaging

We also provide custom packaging to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for your production and assembly lines! Box, Bag, and USO barcode label and labeling are customized to meet your requirements! Our packaging services support full “retail ready packaging”, including, chims, blister packing, printed inserts, header cards and labeling, ready for use, for your retail customers.