Majors Plastics, Inc

BD 2018 Supplier Recognition Program

January 24, 2019

Majors Plastics
Steve Lemkau
10117 IStreet
Omaha, NE 68127

Re: BD 2018 Supplier Recognition Program

Dear Mr. Lemkau:

On behalf of BD and our associates worldwide,we congratulate Majors Plastics on becoming our 2018
Supply Chain Excellence Supplier of the Year.This award recognizes the true partnership we enjoy with your company  in support  of BD’s purpose of “Advancing the World of Health.” Your commitment to Supply Chain Excellence has been exemplary  during 2018,and we congratulate you for your superior performance,continuous improvement and customer  service. The BD Supplier Recognition Program acknowledges exceptional suppliers for their achievements. From our globalsupply base, Majors Plastics was one of the 21shortlisted suppliers evaluated  in detail for this award. This is an achievement that should be celebrated throughout your organization. We will be hosting an afternoon award event and dinner at our corporate headquarters in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey on March 12, 2019.Details of the event will be revealed soon.We  hope you will join this celebration with our senior leaders and global stakeholders in attendance.

Once again, please accept our congratulations. We hope that Majors Plastics will continue to exemplify all the ideals and practices that have garnered this recognition.


Kevin Nelson
Sr.Vice President,Global Procurement
1Becton Drive
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07414